KIDDOS!!! Legal Guardians!!! The Lemonade Stand wants to feature YOUR art! “BFF’s” opening in May is a art installation featuring YOUR work and will raise money for the Fairbanks Children’s Museum program called Museums for All that offers significantly discounted admission to guests with foster kids or EBT benefits. 

How to enter:

Children/artists must be 10 years old or younger to submit work

Portraits should be of their BFF, whoever or whatever that might be

To submit work, please send a high resolution photograph to the gallery email:

Deadline for submissions in @11:59pm May 1st

All entries will be digitally cropped and printed to fit a variety of frame sizes by The Lemonade Stand

Photographing with standard phone camera should be fine, just make sure the image is in focus!

All costs are covered by a grant from the Alaska State Council of the Arts…THANK YOU

By submitting an entry children/artists/legal guardian consent to the selling of the digital images in order to fundraise for the Children’s Museum and agree to have the work shown digitally for online viewing

Children/artists will not be identified but can put their first name on their art if they want